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  • Ready! Steady! WINTER FUEL!

  • A-100 petrol - quality of a new level!

  • Branded fuel from Mozyr Oil Refinery

  • Attention tender

  • The more you refuel, the more you save

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Wanna win a million bonus points to the UPGgood Bonus card?

- Buy at least 20 l of fuel at the upg filling stations;
- Collect the word "БОНУС" from the letters in your receipts;
- Get your MILLION bonus points to the UPGgood Bonus card.

1 bonus point = 1 kopeck.

In addition we have lots of instant gifts, including 10 000 bonus points and a profit of up to -2 UAH/l for the next refueling.

Ready! Steady! WINTER FUEL!

While you are enjoying the last warm autumn days, we have already taken care of your iron horse.
At upg filling stations you can buy winter fuel.
Filtration temperature is minus 24°C.
That’s why when the frost strikes, you should not worry. We are ready.

upg and “BNK-Ukraine” signed a strategic partnership agreement

On October 3 and 4, the Second Forum of Regions of Ukraine and Belarus was held in Zhytomyr with the participation of the presidents of both states. The event brought together more than a thousand representatives of business and government from both sides. Within the framework of the event, about 30 agreements of various levels, both interstate and interregional, were signed, the implementation of which will allow to reach a new level of Belarusian-Ukrainian economic relations.

New burger menu in VIVO cafe

Crispy fragrant bun, juicy cutlet and fresh vegetables ... Are you also hungry now? Come to Vivo Cafe.

Choose a burger to your taste or order a burger set right away! Enjoy crispy potatoes with sauce, burger and drink.

All our dishes are freshly made.

When are you coming round?

A new upg filling station in the village of Kornyn (Rivne oblast)

A new upg filling station in the village of Kornyn (Rivne oblast) at 4 Obyizna street is open

To celebrate the opening, we have prepared a promotion for the UPGgood card owners.

Get bonus points to your bonus card:

  • UAH 1,5 for each liter of petrol or diesel fuel;
  •  UAH 1 for each liter of LPG.

In addition, the first 740 customers will get guaranteed gifts, including our delicious burgers, windscreen washers and car fresheners.

The Promotion will last from October 25 to November 8, 2019.

Welcome to the new upg filling station!

Odesa, meet the new modern upg filling station

Odesa, meet the new modern upg filling station at 1 Baltska Doroga Street (at the intersection of Otaman Holovaty and Baltska Doroga Streets).
We are waiting for you at the opening today. On such an occasion, we have prepared a special benefit for you.

Refuel your car with high-quality Belarusian fuel and get additional 1.5 UAH for each liter of petrol or diesel fuel and 1 UAH for each liter of LPG in bonus points to the UPGgood bonus card.
In addition, the first 740 customers will receive guaranteed gifts, including our delicious burgers, windscreen washers and car fresheners.
The promotion will last from October 25 to November 8, 2019.

See you at the new upg filling station! We will refuel everyone to the fullest!

Promotion on Motorist’s Day!

UPG filling station chain is happy to congratulate everyone on the Motorist’s Day and arrange a promotion to celebrate the holiday.
Are you an owner of a registered UPGgood bonus card? Then get more when refueling your car.
For only 2 days - on October 26 and 27 - get UAH 1.5 for each liter of petrol or diesel fuel and UAH 1 for each liter of LPG as bonus points to your UPGgood card.

May the road be easy, may your car serve you for a long time, and may your relatives always wait for you at home!

We wish you smooth roads and green light.