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  • A-100 petrol - quality of a new level!

  • Branded fuel from Mozyr Oil Refinery

  • Attention tender

  • VIVO hotel and restaurant complex

  • The more you refuel, the more you save

  • Our common project

Thank you for choosing UPG

Exquisite dishes prepared with love Cosy hotel and restaurant complex near Lviv High-quality EURO-5 fuel allows you to extend the lifespan of your car's engine and save on repairs.

About VIVO-cafe

About VIVO-hotel

Fuel quality

New video is up. Come and watch!

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Promotion for the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

The upg filling station chain congratulates everyone on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and gives a special Promotion in honor of the holiday! Are you a registered participant of our UPGgood bonus program? Then get more when refueling you car.

Only 2 days - on October 13 and 14, get 1,5 UAH per liter of petrol or diesel fuel and 1 UAH per liter of LPG. Take full advantage of the weekend and go on a journey with the upg filling station chain, while we will take care of your tank and wallet!

Now upg is in Kharkiv!

A new petrol station upg has already opened at 18-B, Akademika Pavlova street.
Now you can get even more high-quality fuel from upg!
To celebrate the opening, we have prepared a Promotion* for you!
Refuel with high-quality Belorussian fuel and get additional 100 bonus points (1 UAH) to the UPGgood bonus card when buying petrol, diesel fuel or LPG.
Besides, the first 550 customers will get guaranteed gifts, including delicious beefburgers, summer windscreen washers and car fresheners.
The Promotion is valid from August 25 to September 8, 2019.

New video is up. Come and watch!

Friends, we are proud to present our new video that was filmed in Portugal.
This video is about A-100 petrol, about its force and power, about the sensation of movement that this fuel gives you.
We know that our customers want to get the maximum result in their life, movement and expectations, which is why they deserve only the best fuel.
The octane number of A-100 petrol, which is sold in the upg filling station chain, is achieved exclusively by the technological means at the place of production - Mozyr Oil Refinery.
A-100 petrol - quality of a new level!

Enjoy your watching!
Thank you for choosing upg!

Attention! Important information

Dear customers!
Please be informed that on August 7-8, petrol station №60 will be closed due to replacement of equipment.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
With best regards,

Paradise vacation in the Dominican Republic

upg gives a paradise vacation in the Dominican Republic.
Have you planned a vacation yet? Asphalt, of course, is hot, but walking along the sandy beach is much nicer, isn’t it?

Therefore, take the chance, because upg gives presents!
- Buy minimum 20 liters of fuel at the petrol station upg and win 40 certificates of 20,000 UAH for your dream trips or a benefit of up to 3 UAH / l with bonus points to the UPGgood card for the next refueling.

- Collect the word "ОКЕАН" from the letters in the checks and get the super prize - a paradise vacation in the Dominican Republic.

The Promotion "Paradise Vacation" lasts from July 22 to September 22, 2019.

Testing of А-100 petrol

Friends! We strive to be the best for in everything! That is why in upg filling station chain you can purchase А-100 petrol, whose octane number is achieved exclusively by technological means.

Together with our partners we tested it within the framework of the "AUTO 24" project.

New filling station near Odessa is now open!

Sunny Odessa, meet a new modern filling station upg near the village of Kholodna Balka, 8 km away from Odessa, in the direction of Kiev.

Drive over — we will tank everyone up!

In honor of the opening we have prepared something really exciting for you — a Promotion!*

Refuel with high-quality Belorussian fuel and get additionally 100 bonus points (1 UAH) to the UPGgood bonus card for each liter of petrol, diesel or LPG.
Besides, the first 500 customers will get guaranteed gifts, including our delicious beefburger.

The Promotion lasts from July, 9 to July 23, 2019.