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  • UPG offers only EURO 5 fuel

  • VIVO-cafe delicious energy of life

  • VIVO hotel and restaurant complex

  • The more you refuel, the more you save

  • Our common project

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Exquisite dishes prepared with love Cosy hotel and restaurant complex near Lviv High-quality EURO-5 fuel allows you to extend the lifespan of your car's engine and save on repairs.

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PIZZA Marinara DAY!

the most delicious pizza «Marinara» is being prepared for you and your friends right away  Satisfy your hunger on the go!

From July 3 to August 3, 2017 we are running a Promotion called «PIZZA Marinara DAY!»

Only in Vivo-сafé* at the UPG filling stations and cafe "Syabry" at the "Belarusian Oil Company" filling stations.**

Fill the car with 20 and more liters of any fuel (per 1 purchase) using your UPGood bonus card, and get an opportunity to buy pizza «Marinara» for only UAH 50 and 1 bonus point from your bonus card.

VIVO-сafé — tasty energy of life!

Cherry-and-blueberry offer

Everyone loves fruit and berries, because they are so delicious and useful!

Find juicy berries in an incredibly tasty «Cherry-and-blueberry offer»  from VIVO-cafe from June 30 to July 30, 2017!

Light and bright: Cherry-and-lime dessert, “Shu” cake, Blueberry ice cream with chocolate and Blueberry cheesecake will give you good mood for the day to come.

Enjoy every moment!

VIVO café – tasty energy of life!

UPG Manifest

today we are presenting our new video on the philosophy of our brand - UPG.
This is a mini-film, revealing the main idea of the company, namely its motto «Energy of your movement». We do hope this film leaves nobody indifferent and everyone finds their own energy of movement in it!
  Every good business is about its soul. Without the soul and philosophy it is impossible to build anything truly great and inspiring. The soul of  UPG is its humanity. We are characterized by human qualities and every day we struggle to get better. We do not see this film as a commercial in its usual way for many. Life is a path and motion, and it is the only thing that makes this path easy to understand. For sure everyone has their own way, their own movement. But we do try to provide everybody an opportunity to move ahead freely and achieve their goals, with no fear and no worrying about the quality. May the deeds and goals be great!

Lots of fun and enjoy the video! 
Thank you for choosing UPG!

Set off to the ocean with UPG!

Change your car for an elephant!!! :)

We are announcing a new awesome Promotion from UPG "Set off to the ocean with UPG!"*

Join us!!!

From June 15 to August 31, 2017 refuel your car with 20+ liters of high-quality Euro 5 fuel and get a chance to win terrific prizes for your car and holidays, one out of 30 trip certificates, and the MAIN PRIZE – super trip to the ocean to mysterious Sri Lanka!:)

New Cars Fest 2017 and UPG filling station chain are preparing surprises for gourmets

Guests and participants of the festival New Cars Fest 2017, which will be held on June 17 and 18 at VDNH, will experience not only an exciting program, but also exquisite cuisine from VIVO-cafe.

The car festival New Cars Fest 2017, which will be held on the territory of the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" (VDNH), is not only a holiday for all car lovers, but also a great place for gourmets.
The fuel partner of the festival, UPG filling station chain, has prepared a surprise for all visitors - their branded VIVO-cafe. All its guests will be able to choose tasty and high-quality food.

New Cars Fest 2017: June 17-18, VDNH. A festival of new cars.

Very soon the most important event in the automotive life of Ukraine will be held in Kiev - the New Cars Fest 2017 festival, organized by the company "Avtomediagroup".

Novelties of the world's leading automotive brands will be presented at this festival. Everyone will have an opportunity to take an active part in tests of more than two dozen new cars, in particular electric cars. A special place in the exposition is occupied by cars, recognized by experts and car owners as the best in our country - winners of the All-Ukrainian rating "Car of the Year in Ukraine 2017", as well as applicants for this prestigious title in 2018. 



Treat yourself to incredibly delicious traditional Ukrainian dishes with the promotion "TASTE UKRAINIAN",

which will last from June 1 to June 30, 2017.

Only in Vivo cafés * at UPG filling stations and "Syabry" cafes at "Belarusian Oil Company" filling stations.
Refuel 20 and more liters of any fuel (per 1 purchase) using the UPGood bonus card, and get an opportunity to buy Ukrainian borshch + vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms for only 50 UAH and 1 bonus from your bonus card.

Ukrainian - it's great!

Vivo café - tasty energy of life!