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Exquisite dishes prepared with love Cosy hotel and restaurant complex near Lviv High-quality EURO-5 fuel allows you to extend the lifespan of your car's engine and save on repairs.

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UPG makes dreams come true!

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We have new addition to the UPG filling station chain!

Friends, we have great news for you!

We have new addition to the UPG filling station chain!

Starting from today, in the village of Pasiky-Zubrytski (Lviv oblast, Pustomyty district) you can fill your car with Euro-5 fuel at the new state-of-the-art UPG gas station.
To celebrate the opening, we have prepared surprises for all customers: "+50 bonus points to the UPGood bonus card for each liter of fuel and guaranteed gifts to the first 100 customers.
Don’t miss the chance to get your prize!

The advertising campaign is valid from January 31 to February 7, 2018 at the filling station UPG at Dorozhnya street 85, Pasiky-Zubrytski, Pustomyty district, Lviv oblast (Highway N-09, Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk, 1.5 km (on the right)).

Very important information for clients of UPG

   Friends, we inform that due to the land lease expiration, some UPG filling stations, located at the following addresses, suspend their work:

• the village of Stryzhavka, M-12, Styi-Kirovohrad-Znamyanka highway, 385 km+158m (to the right);
• 156/1 Zabolotnogo street, Kyiv;
• 1/1 Mis’ka street, Kyiv;
• 87-A Mezhyhirska street, Kyiv.

But we also have some great news! Very soon 7 new modern UPG filling stations will be opened.

The grand prize of the Promotion "UPG makes dreams come true!” at the gas station UPG in Bucha

The grand prize of the Promotion "UPG makes dreams come true!" - a brand new Mazda 6 * car, drove to the gas station UPG in the city of Bucha.

Each client of the network, who is a member of the UPGood bonus program, can become a winner.

Lucky someone!

UPG wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friends, UPG wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With the bright hope of every person to a happy future, with the sincere friendly wishes of family welfare we begin a new year of our life.

The houses are filled with joy and happiness, and our hearts are full of faith in the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

Let the New Year bring you many bright and positive events!

May warmth and happiness settle in your families!

Thank you for choosing UPG!

UPG makes dreams come true!

Friends, are you dreaming of a new car?

What is planned, must be fulfilled!

From December 25, 2017 till March 25, 2018 UPG is running a super powerful Advertising Campaign* «UPG makes dreams come true!»
Refuel your car with high-quality Euro 5 fuel, from the letters in the receipts** collect the magic word «Автомобіль» and get a real chance to win a new, luxurious Mazda 6!

Also we have prepared a lot of additional prizes (thermocup, warm plaid, car organizer, etc.), which will be useful to every car owner.

Charitable Action "Give warmth to a child!"

Charitable Action "Give warmth to a child!"

Within each of us there is an incredible desire to do something good and help those who need it. Often we just do not know how to implement it. And symbolically on St. Nicholas Day, UPG starts a good tradition and introduces the social Charitable Action "Give warmth to a child!", which will be held throughout the network of filling stations from December 19, 2017 until January 19, 2018. From each purchased hot drink (tea or coffee) we will donate 1 UAH to a special sub-account "Give warmth to a child!". The money from this account will be used to purchase the necessary things for children with special needs.

So, join our Charitable Action! Combine the useful with the pleasant!

The winner of the Promotion "We give tons of fuel!"

The winner of the Promotion "We give tons of fuel!"

A ton of high-quality fuel from UPG has found its lucky owner!!!

Meet the main winner of the promotion "We give tons of fuel!" - Igor Borisovich Tulub.

Fortune smiled upon him during refueling at our gas station in the town of Bucha (Kyiv region). Now our happy winner can forget about fuel expenses for a long time!)

That’s real luck!