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  • Tones as Presents!

  • Star Driving School

  • UPG offers only EURO 5 fuel

  • VIVO cafe

  • VIVO hotel and restaurant complex

  • The more you refuel, the more you save

  • Our common project

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Exquisite dishes prepared with love Cosy hotel and restaurant complex near Lviv High-quality EURO-5 fuel allows you to extend the lifespan of your car's engine and save on repairs.

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Catch a double bonus

The UPG filling station chain congratulates all car owners on Motorist’s Day and gives twice as many bonus points to the UPGood bonus card.

We wish you high-quality movement and endless energy for it.

Let the color, that accompanies you on the road, always be only green.

UPG - the energy of your movement!

Sailing Regatta in memory of V.G. Mankin

A yacht is a symbol of freedom, victory over the force of nature, lightness and beauty. Smooth movement can only be reached by sailing!

Friends, we invite everyone to visit the Sailing Regatta in memory of V.G. Mankin on September 22-24.

This impressive action is definitely worth seeing!

Meeting place: Yacht Club “Obolon

Tones as Presents

Anyone could give you liters! But only UPG gives tones!!

New Promotion "Tones as Presents!" *– from September 15 to December 15, 2017!

Visit UPG filling stations, refuel your vehicles with high quality Euro 5 fuel (from 20 l) and get additional promotional bonus points to the UPGood bonus card. They allow to buy fuel of all kinds of 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, 50 l and 1 300 l (one tone).

Congratulations to the main winner of the promotion "Set off to the ocean with UPG!"!!!

Congratulations to the main winner of the promotion "Set off to the ocean with UPG!"!!!

The lucky winner is Ruslan Mykhaylovych Pelushi, a private enterpreneur from the village of Velyatyno (Khust region, Zakarpattya oblast).

We are immensely happy to present him the certificate for a tour of UAH 55 000 for a trip to mysterious Sri Lanka! :)

UPG is happy to congratulate the winner. We wish him lots of unforgettable impressions from a trip to the ocean!!! :)

Thank you for choosing UPG!

Friends, today is the start of the social-partner project "Star Driving School"!

Friends, today is the start of the social-partner project "Star Driving School"!

Star Driving School is the analysis of actual problems of traffic rules with the participation of the stars of Ukrainian show business, sportsmen and opinion leaders. The issue of the driver's behavior on the road has remained relevant up to our days for a long time. Although it seems that all norms and rules have already been written and learned, in practice there appear new nuances that require consideration. But now celebrities become your new assistants in such cases! They will tell you in detail and show the correct ways of parking, demonstrate traffic in the traffic flow, create safe conditions for children on board and, of course, raise the question of who is the best driver - a woman or a man?

Meet the first winner of the Promotion «Set off to the ocean with UPG!»

We have been waiting so long and now it has finally happened!

Meet the first winner of the Promotion «Set off to the ocean with UPG!» - Mykola Dmytrovych Bocharov, a pensioner from Kiev.

He became a happy owner of a certificate allowing to buy a tour for UAH 20 000. Now Mykola Dmytrovych has an opportunity to have a great vacation! :)

We congratulate the winner and wish him an unforgettable trip.

PIZZA Marinara DAY!

the most delicious pizza «Marinara» is being prepared for you and your friends right away  Satisfy your hunger on the go!

From July 3 to August 3, 2017 we are running a Promotion called «PIZZA Marinara DAY!»

Only in Vivo-сafé* at the UPG filling stations and cafe "Syabry" at the "Belarusian Oil Company" filling stations.**

Fill the car with 20 and more liters of any fuel (per 1 purchase) using your UPGood bonus card, and get an opportunity to buy pizza «Marinara» for only UAH 50 and 1 bonus point from your bonus card.

VIVO-сafé — tasty energy of life!