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Private firm «UKRPALETSYSTEM» - is a Ukrainian company working in the market of fuel and a full line of lubricants since 2003. Due to steady sales growth, the management of the company has defined two main areas of activity: wholesale fuel (by railway and petrol tankers standards) and retail sales (fuel station chain under the brand name UPG). Private firm «Ukrpaletsystem» is a wide chain of its own filling stations and wholesale depots, covering the entire territory of Ukraine.

Private firm «UKRPALETSYSTEM» - is a customer-focused company, which sells on the domestic market high-quality fuel manufactured by Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belarus) and "Naftan" Oil Refinery. A wide chain of UPG filling stations enables our customers to freely use branded UPG fuel coupons with various amount of fuel, as well as UPG fuel cards with liters or cash equivalent. All operations with coupons and cards are performed online. Furthermore, taking care of our customers, we have introduced UPGood bonus program in our chain.

Company news. Network development... A wide network of UPG fuel stations throughout Ukraine.... Fuel quality of UPG fuel stations... Fuel card - easy payment for you... Fuel vouchers - all costs under control... UPGood - gives 20 kopecks per liter of fuel...



Private firm «UKRPALETSYSTEM» deals with wholesale of light oils (diesel fuel, А-92, А-95) both of large quantities (by railway standards) and smaller ones (petrol tankers). Our oil depots have favorable location (the central part of Ukraine) and are equipped with modern facilities providing control of quality and quantity of fuel. The accurate metering system eliminates the fuel volume measurement error. We have an extensive fleet of transport trucks, including 58 petrol tankers with various volumes (from 2452 to 38240 liters), allowing us to deliver to any size customer all around Ukraine.

The key to success and continuous development of «UKRPALETSYSTEM», namely the trade mark UPG, is cooperation with the leading oil refinery from Belarus. The fuels offered by UPG filling stations correspond the state standard of quality and Euro 5 Standard, and are confirmed by the certificate from Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belarus). According to the research, the fuel manufactured by Mozyr Oil Refinery has the highest quality among all other manufacturers.