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Fuel coupons



A fuel coupon is an approval document confirming the customer’s right to receive pre-paid fuel.  Both legal entities and private individuals can use fuel coupons. They can be purchased via bank transfers at the company representative offices.

UPG fuel coupons are valid throughout the chain of UPG as well as partner filling stations. UPG offers coupons for А95Е, А95Р, А92, diesel and liquefied gas.


The main advantages of our coupons are as follows:

  • Convenient quantities of all fuel types, namely 10, 20, 50 and 100 l.;
  • Fixed fuel prices;
  • The coupon is valid for 6 months after its first usage;
  • 12 levels of protection and a unique ID number of each coupon.


Order coupons

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Freedom of movement

Online costs control

Today UPG fuel coupons are serviced at UPG and partner  filling stations, most of which are located on the main roads of the country. Since our company is actively entering the fuel market of Ukraine, the number of UPG petrol stations in our chain grows every six months exponentially.

On UPG website every fuel coupon holder has an opportunity to track all the operations with the fuel coupon online, that is the place, time and address of refueling, and the number of coupons used. If needed, the customer can get a report on all used coupons at one time in the most convenient way.

Important! There are fuel cards of old and new samples. More information on the change of the brand is available here...