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UPG re-branding



Dear customers, the company UKRPALETSYSTEM known under the brand name UPG, announces its re-branding.

We are pleased to inform you that the new style can already be found at many UPG filling stations.  In the near future, all the former style stations will be updated.

UPG has created a new brand. The logo of the brand shows a circle embodying the globe, symbolizing the world and its future. Flowing lines of green and black colors that overlap elicit clear associations with roads and inspire to travel with UPG. Expressive and demonstrative image of the globe with an imaginary road map embodies the essence of modern philosophy of movement and need for travel, and the green color symbolizes the brand's environmentally sensitive policy. Such visualization expresses the idea of inexhaustible vitality, integrity, fluidity, and radiates optimism. Intertwined lines embody consistent teamwork and interrelatedness of all company structures.



Please note that some elements of the old style (logos, fuel cards, fuel coupons, flags, etc.) remain relevant.


 A list of elements that have changed due to re-branding

 New brand  Old brand






fuel card





fuel coupons


bonus card UPGood




Website: (active since 01.01.2014) (valid till 01.03.2014)




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