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Give warmth to a child!

Within each of us there is an incredible desire to do something good and help those in need. Often we just do no know how to implement it. That is why UPG filling station chain has started a new tradition and held a charity campaign «Give warmth to a child!». The Charity Campaign lasted from December 19, 2017 toJanuary 19, 2018. From each purchased hot drink (tea or coffee) we transferredUAH 1 to a special sub-account «Give warmth to a child!»

Together with our clients we helped the following children:

VITA VITALIYIVNA BILOSHYTSKA, born 04.04.2011, from Korosten.
Diagnosis: Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia of severe form.
We transferred UAH 15 150,00.
So far, the girl has completed 3 chemotherapy cycles, 3 more cycles are planned, as well as a year of dry chemotherapy treatment and 2 years of rehabilitation.
If you want to additionally help Vita, we provide the bank details:
5167490090934432 – Iryna Strupynska (Oschadbank card)
4731219100365448 - Olexandra Ostapchuk (PrivatBank card)
KIWI wallet: +380972782245
0972782242 - Maryna (Vita's mother),
0972782245 - Ira (Vita’s aunt).

OLEXANDRA VITALIYIVNA FOMINA, born 15.10.2016, from the village of Zhubrovychi,Olevsk district, Zhytomyr oblast.
Diagnosis: Bilateral sensory deafness of the ІІІ degree.
We transferred UAH 50 312,00.
The girl's parents applied for help to people's deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Areshonkov and at his request we have purchased such necessary deaf-aid. The girl’s family has a very difficult situation. Sasha’s elder brother Danilka (3 years old) was also born with hearing defects. The charitable organization UFOND helped the family raise funds for cochlear implantation, which was carried out in July 2017 in Turkey. Now parents regularly bring the boy to the capital city for rehabilitation classes, which also requires a lot of money. Alexandra is already on the waiting list for the same operation, but in order to develop properly, she definitely needs hearing aids.

Diagnosis: Infantile cerebral paralysis. We transferred UAH 17 910,00.
The twin-sisters were born on week 31. For 7 years the family has been trying to overcome cerebral paralysis, they have been in different rehabilitation centers, but the best result they got in Truskavets. In case of intensive rehabilitation, the doctors predict very good results. Therefore, we paid for the next rehabilitation course for the girls, which is planned in May 2018 in Truskavets in the “Elita” Rehabilitation Center. Since the rehabilitation process is rather lengthy, for those who wish to help Anna and Zhenya with their subsequent treatment, we provide the bank details:
PrivatBank, MFO: 305299
Bank OKPO code: 14360570
Recipient code: 14360570
Card number: 5168742331139042 — Vitaliy Ilchuk (girls’ father).

Born 10.08.2015, from the village of Brukhovychi, Kovel district, Volyn oblast.
Diagnosis: Infantile cerebral paralysis.
We transferred: 19 600,00.
The boy has been sick from his birth. In order to help Vanya's locomotor system develop properly, on the recommendation of doctors the orthopedic bicycle "Velodoctor" was purchased. Trainings on such a special tricycle stimulate active work of the child's muscles (flexion, extension, stretching), and if training sessions take place outdoors and with other children, they bring a lot of positive emotions, increase motivation for further trainings and do not cause significant fatigue.

CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS of Davydiv united community in the village of Davydiv and Chyshki, Lviv oblast.
We purchased washing machines and irons for kindergartens.