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UPG Fuel card is a convenient solution in the electronic payment system. Our company has focused its attention on maximizing the convenience of our customers. For every customer we are ready to offer individual approaches that meet the needs and correspond the specifics of the customer's business.

The main advantage of the UPG fuel card compared with its competitors, is an opportunity to use it online. From now on, the fleet operation is transparent, and in case the card was lost, it can be locked immediately.

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Fuel card is your freedom

Online costs control

Today UPG fuel cards are serviced at UPG and partner  filling stations, most of which are located on the main roads of the country. Since our company is actively entering the fuel market of Ukraine, the number of UPG petrol stations in our chain grows every six months exponentially.

On UPG website every fuel card holder has an opportunity to track all the operations with the fuel card online, that is the place, time and address of refueling, amount of fuel and total price in UAH. In case you have several cards, you can get a report on all cards at one time in the most convenient way.


Important! There are fuel cards of old and new samples. More information on the change of the brand is available here ...





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