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    Laboratory and quality control system


    UPG calls quality the foundation of their brand. And in this the UPG national gas station chain can be called an expert, because to make sure the fuel meets the manufacturer’s declared parameters by the time you fill up your car with it, the company has a multi-stage control system, which includes everything: analysis of samples from each batch, protective sealing of fuel trucks, constant cleaning of fuel tanks at oil depots and filling stations. An equally important role is played by the own quality control laboratory, where each batch of fuel arriving directly from oil refineries in Europe, America or the Middle East is carefully checked for compliance with state standards.

    When it comes to petroleum products, quality comprises many parameters, and the laboratory staff controls each of them. Thus, diesel fuel must comply with at least nineteen indicators, gasoline – fifteen, and LPG – ten. First, the selected sample is entered into a special register, and later a full cycle takes place: from analysis to a 45-day storage. Such samples are also called “arbitration samples”, and their storage is another requirement of the DSTU.

    By the way, quality verification is not the work of a moment. It takes experts about seven hours to analyze one fuel sample. For diesel fuel it is up to four hours. And the least amount of time is spent on LPG samples, i.e. about three hours and a half. If necessary, express analysis can also be performed here. Refueling at any UPG gas station, the driver, by contacting the operator, can always review the certificate and passport of quality for each batch of fuel. At UPG, every link of the fuel logistics chain is monitored. Compliance with all internal and national regulations only confirms that the foundation on which this business is built and scaled is truly solid. And this is true not only for the fuel, because this principle concerns the entire range of services that drivers receive when they visit UPG every day.