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Advantages of the upg 100

Advantages of the upg 100

No additives or other
components are used during production

High octane rating
is achieved during production

Protects the fuel
system of your vehicle

Increases engine efficiency

High detonation qualities fully
reveal the potential
of modern engines

Special fuel
for special cars

The owners of supercars and sport cars will be surprised by the potential of the incredibly powerful fuel from UPG. The upg 100 petrol will meet the requirements of even the most demanding engines. Thanks to the special aspects of petrol manufacture, your car will turn into a real beast.

Force and power of

Seeing once is better than hearing twice. Together with our information partner Аvto24, we tested the upg 100 petrol on the Lexus LC 500 supercar. To check what came out of it, watch the video below.

upg 100 versus А-95

We took it a step further and decided to check, how a sport car fueled with various octane rating fuel behaves. The power of upg 100 petrol is demonstrated by the BMW M2 Competition sport car.
Acceleration speed to 100 kph of BMW M2 Competition with A-95 and upg 100

А-95 5.5s
upg 100 4.45s

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