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    The Energy of Kindness in Your UPG Mug


    Kindness. A small word that contains so much: the warmth of a caring heart, the sparkle of hope that brings back to life, the help that comes in time. It is what keeps the world going and encourages each of us today.

    On the first day of winter, the UPG gas station chain introduced the charity initiative called “The Energy of Kindness”. We deduct a part of the funds from each sold hot drink to targeted aid to the population affected by the war. The city of Dnipro became the first of such projects.

    Enjoying your favorite espresso from UPG, or warming yourself with a cup of tea, as hot as the Ukrainian heart, you enhance the energy of kindness. Together with us, you provide medicine to ambulance teams, deliver food and means of heating to places where they are needed urgently, restore the roofs of houses damaged by the enemy fire…

    Territorial communities of the country help us understand the needs of people who experienced all the horrors of the war, and each client of the UPG gas station chain turns the idea into real good deeds. By uniting, we will lend a helping hand to Ukrainians who experienced the occupation, and residents of the frontline territories, support families who, trying to save their lives had to pack their entire home into a backpack over their shoulders.

    Together we will overcome the darkness, we will fight for our own, and we will definitely rebuild Ukraine, because kindness always wins!

    UPG not only fills with high-quality fuel, but also generates the energy of kindness that you can share!

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