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    A common project with Lux FM called “Full tank from UPG”


    A full tank of fuel from UPG
    For pessimists – it is half empty.
    For optimists – it is half full.
    And for those with Lux FM – it is 100% full!
    We are happy to introduce a new project called «Full tank from UPG».
    Wanna win 100 liters of high quality EURO 5 fuel?
    – Send an SMS with the text UPG to the number 7160*.
    – Wait for a call from DJs of Lux FM.
    – Pick up the phone and get a guaranteed gift.
    – Answer the questions correctly.
    – Choose a box from 1 to 33 and win 10, 20, 30 or 100 liters of fuel!

    Remember: the more SMS – the more chances to win!
    Turn on your good mood with Lux FM and win «Full tank from UPG».
    Project partner is the UPG filling station chain
    UPG – the energy of your movement!
    * One SMS to the number 7160 — UAH 2 (including VAT). Extra fee to the Pension Fund is 7,5% of the cost (without VAT). For all national GSM operators. For adults only.
    Organizer is “ALEGRO MEDIA” Ltd. Kiev, 61/11 Vladimirskaya str., office 46. Tel.: 044 20 111 22
    The promotion lasts from 01.03.2017 till 24.03.2017

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