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    A New Ultra-Modern UPG Gas Station Was Opened in the City of Yaremche


    Now, when planning a vacation in the picturesque Carpathian region, you may not worry about where to refuel your car with high-quality fuel. In the pearl of western Ukraine, the resort town of Yaremche, a new modern UPG gas station was opened. This is the first gas station of the company in Ivano-Frankivsk region and the 75th in the whole chain.

    Having come to UPG, you will definitely save your time for refueling. The new complex, which is located at the entrance to the city of Yaremche at Svobody street, is equipped with 10 fuel dispensers, where you can refuel as quickly as possible with all types of fuel, including petrol, branded upg 100, diesel fuel and LPG. For the drivers to have no touble with their cars in winter and feel confident on the road, at UPG they can refuel with “Arctic” diesel. In addition, for the convenience of customers, there is a separate gas module for filling with LPG only.


    Experienced drivers prefer the fuel from UPG, because it is supplied directly from the manufacturing plant and does not contain any additives or mixtures. This guarantees its standardized quality.

    Another distinctive feature of the ultra-modern complex is that it is not just a petrol station, but a large-scale location with its own shop built according to the duty free principle, and a new-format Vivo Cafe. It has everything you need for a comfortable journey.

    For those who are in a hurry and counting minutes until the desired vacation, there is an express menu with a wide selection of original dishes and favorite take-away coffee. If time on the road is an integral part of your exciting journey and you wish to enhoy every minute of it, it’s time to visit Vivo Cafe. In the cozy atmosphere of the cafe, you can have a leisurely tasty meal, ordering the most popular dishes from the best cuisines of the world. Burger remains one of the top items on the menu, and there are 10 varieties of it on the menu. You should definitely visit UPG and try it! The main rule of the restaurant is that all dishes are freshly prepared by a team of professional chefs.

    The design of the new gas station in Yaremche is made in the traditional UPG style. Black color dominates in it, in combination with neon illumination and a traditional green color of UPG. The petrol station is not only incredibly attractive and has a beautiful landscape design, but also quite large. The new complex has a parking lot for 12 cars, including places for disabled people and electric cars, as well as a terrace for relaxation.

    Truly good service always starts with details. The concept of the new UPG gas stations has been created to make them comfortable for the whole family. For example, there are special washbasins for the smallest customers.

    Gifts for everyone!

    To celebrate opening, from December 9 to December 22, UPG gives pleasant surprises to members of the UPGgood bonus program. In particular, when buying more than 2 liters of fuel, each customer will receive additional bonuses for the next refueling to the UPGgood card (1 bonus equals 1 kopeck; the promotion is not valid when buying fuel at or the upg mobile application):
    • 50 bonuses for each liter of LPG;
    • 100 bonuses for each liter of petrol or diesel fuel.

    In addition, the first 930 customers, refueling a car with any type of fuel from 2 liters at a new gas station, will automatically receive one of the guaranteed gifts: a delicious burger, Pepsi, windscreen washer or upg branded air freshener.

    And that’s not all. When you buy any of the hot drinks, you will receive a one-time 99.00% discount on the UPG signature candy. It tastes better together!

    Being at the gas station, you should not worry about your security, since the UPG team has already taken care of this. Besides, thinking about the health of the nation, the company is taking all measures to minimize the risks of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Refuel your car with high-quality fuel, enjoy delicious meals in Vivo Cafe, breathe in the healthy Carpathian air, and may your road always be happy.