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    A New Promotion to Celebrate the Opening of UPG Filling Station in the village of Kodaki


    Greetings to the Residents of the Village of Kodaky!

    We are happy to announce that the gas station in your area is RESTORED!
    To celebrate the opening, refuel and receive a guaranteed discount:

    • 1 hryvnia per each liter of gasoline and diesel
    • 50 kopecks per each liter of LPG
    • many instant gifts

    Furthermore, the first 1000 customers will receive instant gifts: upg air fresheners, coffee, beef cheeseburgers, energy drinks and signature sweet nuts.*
    And these are not all surprises from upg. With each hot drink, you will be offered a signature upg candy, created for sweet moments and charged for victory.

    The promotion lasts from 04.05.2023 to 31.05.2023

    *Receiving an instant gift or candy means purchasing the latter for 30 kopecks with VAT

    Follow the link for details of the promotion