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    A Promotion to Celebrate the Opening of the UPG Gas Station in Stryi


    Dear residents of Stryi!

    You are invited to come to the opening of our gas station and take advantage of a special promotion.
    To celebrate the opening, everyone to refuel will receive a guaranteed discount: *

    • UAH 1/l for gasoline and diesel
    • 50 kopecks/l for LPG

    Furthermore, the first 1000 customers will receive instant gifts, among which are juicy cheeseburgers, ice U ice cream cones, upg air fresheners, fragrant coffee, and many other gifts. **
    And there are yet more surprises from upg! To each hot drink you will be offered a signature upg candy created for sweet moments and charged for victory.

    The promotion lasts from 02.09.2023 to 02.10.2023.

    *Promotional bonuses are added to the accumulated bonuses of the promotion “The more you drive – the more you drive”.
    **Receiving an instant gift or candy means purchasing them for 10 kopecks with VAT.

    Follow the link for details.


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