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Ordering a card

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    Get your stunning gift at UPG


    Refuel and blast into a stunning gift fall at upg! Get full tanks of fuel and thousands of useful gifts.

    Hurry up to upg – refuel and win!

    Take 2 simple steps:

    1. Refuel with minimum 25 liters of high-quality fuel at upg.
    2. Collect the word “ПАЛЬНЕ” from the letters in your receipts and get a guaranteed full tank of fuel.

    *A full tank means 50 liters of fuel that equal 150000 bonuses that will be credited to the winner’s bonus account. 100 bonuses = 1 hryvnia.

    What’s new?

    In addition, you have a chance to win instant gifts at the petrol station:

    • 30000 bonuses to the UPGgood card
    • 60000 bonuses to the UPGgood card
    • burger sets
    • hot dogs
    • hot drinks
    • additional bonuses for the next refueling – 0,5 UAH/l, 0,75 UAH/l and 1,00 UAH/l.

    The more you refuel – the more chances to win. Do not forget to check your receipts or transaction history in the UPG app 😉

    Every registered UPGgood cardholder can use the reward. The Promotion lasts from October 18 to November 28, 2021.
    Follow the link for details.

    Still got no UPGgood bonus card?

    Register in the UPGgood loyalty program and buy fuel online at

    Download the UPG mobile app from App Store and Google Play Market