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    Fragrant hot dogs with Pepsi are tastier together


    Many customers say that a hot dog tastes even better after a sip of Pepsi / 7UP / Mirinda, that’s why we decided to resume your favorite promotion.

    • Hot dog «Bavarian» + Pepsi = 103 UAH
    • Hot dog «Classic» + Pepsi = 89 UAH
    • Hot dog «Ukrainian» + Pepsi = 113 UAH
    • Hot dog «XL» + Pepsi = 103 UAH

    The promotion lasts from 01.03.2024 to 31.05.2024, subject to the availability of promotional goods.
    Enjoy “Ukrainian”, “Bavarian”, “Classic” or “XL” hot dog together with Pepsi / 7UP / Mirinda 0,5 L.

    Come and enjoy your favorite combo!


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