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Ordering a card

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    Wanna win a million bonus points to the UPGgood Bonus card?

    – Buy at least 20 l of fuel at the upg filling stations;
    – Collect the word “БОНУС” from the letters in your receipts;
    – Get your MILLION bonus points to the UPGgood Bonus card.

    1 bonus point = 1 kopeck.

    In addition we have lots of instant gifts, including 10 000 bonus points and a profit of up to -2 UAH/l for the next refueling.

    The Promotion* «Giant Bonuses» is valid from November 25, 2019 to February 26, 2020.

    Details: here

    *The Promotion is available for the registered participants of the UPGgood Bonus Program.

    Thank you for choosing upg!