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    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    Everything begins with love…

    It overwhelms us when we set off on a long journey at dawn to hear, see, say something important. When we buy coffee in the morning and increase our pace to let someone taste it while it’s still hot.

    Love leads us to our aims, gives strength to withstand and the ability to support. It is the love that unites us, Ukrainians, in the most difficult battles. After all, we are not fighting for an abstract country, but for our hometowns, whose maze of streets we know by heart, for the house in which we grew up, for the light of our children’s smiles. For everything and everyone who is in our heart.

    Love is the moving force for UPG. You can feel it when you fill up your car with high-quality fuel, taste delicious food at VIVO café… Our love is in simple and everyday things: safety, cleanliness of retail space, in the smiles of operators…

    Here’s a Valentine’s Day candy for you!

    Let’s add a little more romance and positive emotions to this day. On February 14, we will be treating you with a upg candy for every purchased hot drink.

    Love and be loved.

    Let the love win!


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