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    Fuel sale terms at UPG


    Fuel sales restrictions are cancelled.

    From July 15, refueling with all types of fuel is carried out without any restrictions with the UPG loyalty card, without it the limit is 10 liters per car.

    So from now on we fill the fuel tank until full and canisters without any restrictions.

    Please note that fuel can be sold into special canisters* only.

    It is forbidden to sell fuel into other containers.

    *A special canister is a metal or polymer canister with special markings that allows you to store oil products for a certain period of time.

    According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the sale of fuel into glass, plastic or other containers is prohibited. All fuel sold by the UPG gas station chain complies with the Euro-5 standard and is supplied directly from Europe.

    Before visiting a gas station, please check the availability of the required fuel by reaching our hotline:

    Phone: 0800500064

    viber/telegram: +380674110921


    Register in the UPGgood loyalty program and buy fuel online at
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