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Ordering a card

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    The Promotion to celebrate the opening of the new UPG gas station in Zhytomyr


    Welcome the UPG gas station chain at 29, Nezalezhnosti prospect.

    Only within 15 days refuel with high-quality fuel and get bonuses to the UPGgood bonus card:

    • 2 UAH for each liter of petrol or diesel;
    • 0,50 UAH for each liter of LPG.

    In addition, the first customers will receive guaranteed gifts for any refueling, provided they show a check:

    • 250 delicious cheeseburgers;
    • 250 summer windscreen washers;
    • 250 branded upg air fresheners.

    The Promotion lasts from July 7 till July 21, 2020 for the registered members of the UPGgood bonus program. Details here.

    Register your UPGgood card at the cash desk, via the UPG mobile app or at the website

    The new UPG gas station is glad to welcome all residents of Zhytomyr!