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    UPG Gives Delightful Gifts for Valentine’s Day!


    Even in the darkest times, there is always a place for love, because while love blooms in our hearts, life goes on, and the struggle continues. Today, Ukrainians protect and care for those they love. It is this bright feeling that can hold without words, warm, and connect people even across kilometers. Just remember how tightly we embrace our loved ones when we return home.

    UPG wishes a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in love!
    To celebrate the holiday, from February 11 to 14, we double the number of bonuses obtained for each refueling at any gas station of our chain. So, in case you haven’t done it yet, download the UPG application from the App Store or Play Market and fill up your car profitably.

    In addition, we invite you to a romantic date in our restaurant-type VIVO cafes. You will get a 14% discount on burgers and burger sets, which we prepare with great love and care. In the cozy atmosphere of our cafes, you will be able to enjoy a calm dinner, capture a beautiful moment, and maybe even dare for more – say those special words…

    To make the sweet taste of love last even longer, we give our branded candy for every hot drink from February 13 to 14

    UPG – with 💚 to every client!


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