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    Another Ultra-Modern Gas Station UPG has Opened in Ivano-Frankivsk Region


    Over the past few months, UPG has opened the second newly built gas station in Ivano-Frankivsk region. For the region, these are new jobs with confident prospects and social guarantees, as well as the opportunity to receive high-quality and well-thought-out service from modern gas stations.

    The new station is located at the intersection of tourist routes, in the village of Cherniyiv, on Nadvirnianska Street.

    The station was built in the usual design for UPG, with the domination of the black color, green shades and neon elements. A large-scale area with a wide parking lot, places for electric cars and disabled drivers, columns and car sheds with bright lighting and modern LED panels instantly attract the attention of drivers.

    At UPG you can quickly refuel with all types of fuel, in particular, the branded upg 100 and the European standard frost-resistant diesel fuel, which is perfect for winter. For the convenience of customers, there is a separate gas module for refueling exclusively with LPG.


    UPG offers its customers a wide range of services. Not only can you fill the fuel tank, but also buy a branded windscreen washer or any other important items, take a cup of fragrant coffee with you on the road or have a delicious lunch while relaxing from the stress of driving. Here everyone will find everything for a comfortable trip, because the new UPG gas stations are large-scale locations with their own stores and new format Vivo Cafe restaurants.

    The fundamental position of UPG is quality in everything, therefore hearty and fresh cuisine is the hallmark of the restaurant, all dishes are prepared immediately before serving. In the cozy atmosphere of Vivo Cafe, you can either have a leisurely delicious meal, enjoying exquisitely served dishes, or have a quick snack by choosing items from the express menu. At the beginning of the season, UPG updated the menu with items that are especially delicious in winter, adding hot Lviv-style bograch, hearty gyoze and fragrant non-alcoholic mulled wine to the list.

    In just one hour, the chain sells more than 600 hot drinks, so stopping at UPG for a cup of coffee has already become a good tradition adored by Ukrainians.

    The concept of the gas stations is thought out to the smallest detail to make it convenient for the whole family to stay. For example, especially for the comfort of babies, children’s washbasins are installed in the bathrooms.

    Over the past year, more than 20 million Ukrainians have chosen UPG. This is the number of customers who used the services of the UPG gas stations. UPG is convinced that high-quality fuel and the benefits of the perfect service should be available to residents of both metropolitan areas and remote villages and towns. Therefore, the company continues to invest in the opening of new filling stations and is working to expand the range of its services.


    Gifts for everyone!

     To celebrate the opening of the new station, from February 2 till February 16 UPG will give presents to the members of the UPGgood bonus program.

    In particular, customers who purchase from 2 liters of fuel are guaranteed to receive additional bonuses to the UPGgood bonus card for the next refueling (1 bonus equals 1 kopeck, the promotion is not valid when buying fuel at and via the UPG mobile app):

    • for each liter of LPG – 50 bonuses;
    • for each liter of petrol or diesel – 100 bonuses.

    In addition, the first 930 customers of the new gas station, who refuel with more than 2 liters of any fuel, will automatically receive guaranteed gifts: a delicious burger, a Pepsi drink, a winter windscreen washer or a UPG branded air freshener.
    But UPG has more surprises for customers, so they will be treated to a delicious UPG candy along with the purchased hot drink.