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    Arctic Diesel Resistant to Extremely Low Temperatures is Already Available at the UPG Gas Stations


    The national UPG gas station chain has started selling “Arctic” diesel fuel, intended for use in the coldest periods of winter. Like all other fuel from UPG, the product is exported directly from Europe and complies with the fifth environmental standard.

    The fierce frost from time to time tests the strength of Ukrainians, because a significant drop in air temperature is also typical for our country. In peak frosts, Arctic DIESEL becomes a real savior for drivers with a diesel car engine.

    Despite the severe cold, your car will always start without any trouble thanks to Arctic DIESEL. The fuel also guarantees easy acceleration of the car, excellent maneuverability, and safe operation of the engine. This is confirmed by the high cetane number of the fuel, which reaches 52 points (according to the norm, it should be no less than 48).

    “In winter, we recommend to choose diesel fuel that matches the air temperature,” says Volodymyr Moroz, operational director of the UPG gas station chain. – During mild frosts, we advise you to fill up with winter diesel fuel, and at temperatures lower than -15-20°C, choose Arctic DIESEL.

    Another important indicator of fuel quality, namely the content of sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons, is also within the normal range in Arctic DIESEL.

    The most frost-resistant diesel fuel intended for use in the Arctic climate meets the Euro-5 standard, which provides for stricter requirements for the degree of purification from particles polluting the environment. So, by filling the tank at UPG, you not only take care of your car, but also of the environment.

    Arctic diesel, resistant to extremely low temperatures, is the confidence of drivers in any weather.

    DIESEL Arctic quality passport

    Arctic DIESEL is available at the following gas stations:

    Kyiv, Prospekt Pravdy, 47, 02000
    Kyiv, 13 Vyzvolitelev Avenue, 02000
    Kyiv, Kanalna Street, 7, 02081
    Kyiv, 3 Zatyshna Street, 02081
    Kyiv region, Brovarsky district, Velyka Dymerka, 07401
    Kyiv Region, Ivankiv, Kharkivska Street 1-S, 08335
    Kyiv Region, Chubynske, Kyivska Street, 1B, 08321
    Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Shchaslyve, str. Kharkivske Shosse, 13, 08325
    Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district, territory of Dmitrivska s/r., Mila, 08112
    Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district, Bucha, str. Shevchenko, 4-A, 08200
    Kyiv, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Sofiivsko-Borshchagivska s/r, a/d T 10-27 Kyivske, semi-circle 12+363-12+552 km (in front of the Zhulyansky bridge, on the right side in the direction of Odesa square), 03170
    Lviv region, Pustomytivskyi district, 3, Solonka, Stryyska street, 81131
    highway Kyiv – Chop, 441km+470m (left, Brody, Lviv region), 80601
    Lviv region, Pasyky-Zubrytskyi, Kiltseva Street, 6, 81137
    Pustomytivsky district, st. St. Dorozhna, 85. Highway N-09 Lviv -, Ivano-Frankivsk, 1.5 km (right, Pasyky-Zubrytskyi, Lviv region, 81137
    Vinnytsia, Generala Arabey 3A, 21020
    Vinnytsia, Nemyrivske shose, 8, 21004
    Zhytomyr region, Korosten district, Kozhuhivska village, Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin km. 154-540, Kozhuhivka, 11500
    Zhytomyr region, Singury, Guiva, 12441
    Zhytomyr, Nezalezhnosti Avenue 29, 10001
    Volyn region, Starovoytove, str. Prykordonnikiv, 5-B, 44332
    Volyn Region, Lutsky District, Zmiinets, Levadna Street, 2 B, 45632
    Volyn Region, Kovel, Varshavska Street, 1B, 45026
    Volyn region, Rovantsi, 1A European street, 45606
    Volyn region, 160th km of Zhytomyr-Mohyliv-Podilsky highway, Zhmeryn district, Rivne village council, 23135
    Transcarpathian region, Svalyava, str. Borkanyuka, 42, 89300
    Transcarpathian region, Kinchesh, highway Kinchesh-Rozivka 9 km, 89292
    Transcarpathian region, Mukachevo, Lavkivska street, 1-Zh, 89635
    Ivano-Frankivsk region, , Yaremche, st. Svobody 5A, 78501
    Ivano-Frankivsk region, village Chernivtsi, Nadvirnyanska 67-V, 77460
    Odesa, st. Baltska doroga, 1, 65013
    Odesa region, Odesa, massif No. 1, plot No. 13, 65000
    Odesa region, Odesa, Nerubayska village council, massif 27, land plot 306-a, along highway M05 Kyiv-Odesa, 67661
    Chernivtsi region, Terebleche, Main Street, 139-V, 60435
    Cherkasy, 14, 18000, 30-ryechi Peremohy street
    Dnipropetrovsk Region, Dnipro, Poltava Highway, 617, 52030
    Khmelnytskyi region, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi highway, 11-B, 32300
    Rivne region, Shpaniv, complex of buildings and structures No. 8, 8, 33000
    Rivne region, village Kornyn, str. Obyzna, 4, 35304
    Poltava region, Kremenchuk, Kyivska, 39631
    Kharkiv, 18 Akademika Pavlova Street, 61000
    Ternopil region, Ternopil, Bakaikha, 46003