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    Creamy Tenderness and Berry Notes: Presenting New Summer Desserts at VIVO café!


    Moderately sweet, super light and cool desserts are the things that make summer special and your break during a trip even more enjoyable. Taking care of you, we have supplemented the menu of VIVO café at gas stations with new sweet offers.

    Presenting “Strawberry Cream Cheese” and “Mango Mousse” – desserts that combine creamy tenderness with the refreshing sourness of ripe berries and exotic fruits. Each of them is special and delicious.

    “Velvety and tender cream cheese forms the basis of our novelties. However, we made emphasis on the refreshing taste of berries and fruits, their bright juicy colors and heady summer aroma. We created them based on the traditional dessert of the American cuisine, which has gained popularity all over the world. So, we are sure that these sweet dishes will definitely appeal to our customers,” said Victoria Horova, deputy COO of the UPG gas station chain.

    Combine “Strawberry Cream Cheese” or “Mango Mousse” with your favorite coffee drinks or tea to make them taste even better!