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    From now on, the most delicious coffee at UPG is also served in porcelain cups


    Ukrainians are heroes of our time. But even heroes sometimes need a moment to rest, a new portion of energy.

    Stop, have a rest, and drink coffee to keep moving, and we’ll take care of the comfort of your brief moment of pleasure.

    From now on, the most delicious coffee at the UPG gas stations is also served in porcelain cups.

    The UPG gas station chain pays maximum attention to the service it provides to its customers, and especially to the selection and preparation of coffee.

    The secret of delicious hot drinks from UPG is the coffee blend specially developed for the chain and adapted to the taste preferences of Ukrainians. It is a mixture of selected Arabica beans (80%), grown on the best plantations of Brazil and South America. The heart of the blend is Santos Arabica, the most popular among connoisseurs of true classics. The company chooses Santos Arabica with a light degree of roasting, which gives the coffee a pronounced, thick and rich taste with barely perceptible acidity and a spicy aftertaste. 20% of Robusta grains are added to the blend, which gives the drink its density, and thanks to the unique growing conditions, also softness that is not typical to this sort.

    All drinks from the UPG coffee menu are prepared in accordance with the classic world standard. The basis of milk drinks is properly brewed espresso and perfectly emulsified milk. Cappuccino and latte have a refined creamy taste and thick foam. Such an ideal consistency and quality of whipped milk is achieved thanks to the state-of-the-art innovative systems of Swiss coffee machines.

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