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    From Now on UPG is Presented in Mykolayiv Region!


    While the enemy, suffering total defeat in all directions, is trying to ruthlessly destroy the country’s infrastructure, we keep on building new facilities! Despite the probable risks, we choose relentless movement forward, and continue to expand our gas station chain, because we, Ukrainians, never give up and know well that unity and faith in ourselves and our people are our strength and greatest motivation.

    The first newly built state-of-the-art gas station in a new region for us is ready to welcome its visitors. The station is located on Bashtanske highway of the indomitable city of Mykolaiv. For motorists of the area, this is an opportunity to uninterruptedly refuel with high-quality fuel which we supply from the EU, as well as experience a modern well-thought-out service.

    “It is always a big event for us to open the first gas station in the new region. This is how we become closer to an even greater number of customers who are used to choosing quality. And in times when the enemy continues its merciless destruction, every newly built UPG facility is also a manifestation of our resistance. In this way we say to Ukrainian motorists, drivers of critical infrastructure, farmers, and logisticians that we are together in this historic struggle, and therefore we will win,” said the company’s marketing director, Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    Our gas station in Mykolaiv is traditionally a large-scale location with its own store and VIVO café. We opt for the quality and comprehensive service, so when you visit new UPG facilities, you will always be able to satisfy the maximum of needs that arise on the road: quickly fill up your car with all types of the Euro-5 standard fuel, buy windscreen washer, have a leisurely dinner in a restaurant with the whole family, choosing your favorite dish from the world’s popular cuisines, or on the contrary, have a quick bite of a juicy hot dog with delicious coffee.

    For maximum comfort in summer, the station has an open terrace, where you can gain strength while enjoying a cool Ice U or an iced latte. The beautifully landscaped territory of the complex allows us to make every stop pleasant for the whole family.

    By the way, you won’t have any problems with parking either. The territory of the gas station is equipped with many parking lots. As many as 31 passenger cars and 5 large-size trucks can park here at the same time. There are also parking lots for handicapped people.

    You can refuel here very quickly because the gas station is equipped with 12 fuel dispensers which always offer A-95, LPG, diesel, as well as upg100 and upg95 gasolines for owners of powerful and modern cars. In addition, for the convenience of drivers, there is a separate LPG filling module with two dispensers. There is also a separate module with AdBlue for diesel vehicles.

    By the way, during one month after the opening of the new gas station, refueling here is even more profitable. Just join the UPGgood bonus program now and get a discount in the form of bonuses: UAH 1 for each liter of gasoline or diesel, and 50 kopecks for each liter of LPG.

    Furthermore, instant gifts are traditionally waiting for the first visitors. Sweets always raise the spirits, so with every hot drink purchased, we will treat our customers with a signature upg candy.

    By building a new gas station in Mykolaiv, the company created 50 new jobs with social guarantees and comfortable working conditions for residents. And we don’t plan to stop. We are sure that the first gas station in the region will be a good start for the development of the chain in the area.

    See you at UPG!