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    Fuel A100 appears in the upg gas station chain!


    The upg gas station chain customers deserve only the best and highest quality!

    We are glad to announce that now you can purchase powerful A-100 fuel at our gas stations located at:

    1. 3 Zatyshna street, Kharkivskyi residential area, Kyiv;
    2. 13 Kharkivske shose St., Shchaslyve, Boryspil district, Kyiv region;
    3. 1-B Kyivska St., Chubinske, Boryspil district;
    4. Kyiv-Svyatoshyn district, Sofia-Borshchahivska, Т 10-27 highway, Kyiv 12+363-12+552 km (on the right, the direction of Odeska square).
    5. 14 Institutska St., Hatne, Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district
    6. 4-A Shevchenka St., Bucha, Kyiv-Svyatoshyn district

    Lviv oblast:

    1. 3 Stryiska st., Solonka, Pustomyty district;
    2. 85 Dorozna st., Pasiky-Zubritsky, Pustomyty district;
    3. 6 Kiltseva st., Pasiky-Zubrytski, Pustomyty district.

    Information for customers who have purchased A-98 fuel coupons!

    Using A-98 coupons, you can REFUEL with the A 100.

    Your car will be satisfied!

    P.S. The list of upg gas stations with the new fuel, will constantly be updated! Thank you for choosing upg!