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    Happy Constitution Day!


    Our country is sovereign and independent, its territory is integral and inviolable, and the life, honor and dignity of every Ukrainian have the highest value. These are not just empty words, but principles guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine.

    Each article strengthens the foundation our state stands on. And this is what we are fighting for today: to have the freedom of speech and choice, to live feeling freedom in every breath and look.

    Happy holiday, dear customers! We thank those who stand for the country today, defending our constitutional rights. Together we will preserve and rebuild our state. We are sure that in the east and west, in the south and north, as well as in the center of Ukraine, the blue-yellow flag will fly.

    Free people create freedom!

    We want to give you sweet emotions!

    To celebrate the national holiday, a sweet surprise will be waiting for you at our gas stations on June 28, 29 and 30. For each purchased coffee drink (both hot and cold) or a cup of tea, we will treat you with a delicious signature candy. Yes, yes, the very one you love so much.

    Thank you for choosing UPG.