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    Happy Driver’s Day!


    “The roads of Ukraine are interwoven threads of love”. These were the first words of the radio dictation of national unity, which was recently written by Ukrainians all over the world. And it is truly symbolic because roads do unite people. There is nothing more beautiful than the way home – “to a sleepless window with yellow light and native warmth.”

    At our gas stations we meet thousands of drivers every day, and we know how much depends on you. Pressing the steering wheel in your hands, you drive long distances to rescue, deliver cargo, build cities, create something beautiful…or just hug your loved ones.

    Focused and responsible, confident and attentive. You are special people. And we do our best to always be by your side on this way: we provide you the high-quality comprehensive service, refuel cars with the best fuel, take care of comfort and coziness.

    To celebrate the holiday, we treat you to a signature UPG candy for every purchased hot drink.

    Thank you for choosing UPG!

    We wish you safe trips, pleasant journeys, and meetings of your dream.