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    Happy National Unity of Ukraine Day!


    To understand the Ukrainians’ thirst for freedom, it is worth looking through the pages of the history of our state formation. We have always been striving for independence, because being free for us means living. It is programmed in the genetic memory of generations, which cannot be broken.

    On January 22, we celebrate two equally important events: the declaration of independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Act of Unification of Ukrainian Lands.

    Today, we continue our struggle for independence.

    The modern world is numb, watching the free Ukrainian people defend their right to exist. And only we know where we get our strength from. It is in the sacred national unity and conciliarity of our lands, in a clear understanding of who we are and what we stand for!

    The national holiday we are celebrating today, reminds us that the idea of unity has always been and will remain a basic national value of Ukrainians.

    Being monolithic in the fight against the enemy, we will definitely return the occupied territories, restore our unity with the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the Crimea. National unity is the goal of our Victory.

    Dear clients, happy holiday! We wish our country integrity, and peace, kindness, and comfort to every Ukrainian family.