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    ice U Ice сream is now on sale – welcome the summer with pleasure at VIVO Café


    We thought that a perfect summer trip is impossible without some delicious ice cream. This is how we came up with the idea of creating everyone’s favorite cool dessert, endowed with magical properties: to bring back with thoughts to childhood, to add energy and charge with optimism for the whole day. And we did it!

    It is emblematic, that we present our own brand of ice cream, called ice U, on the first day of summer. As of today, you can buy the cult-favorite dessert at VIVO café, a chain of restaurants both at our newly built and freshly renovated gas stations.

    We intended to add a brighter taste to this summer and expanded the menu with driving drinks. Meet ice POWER milkshake with a delicate creamy taste and airy texture, as well as Glace and Affogato coffee drinks with added ice cream. This is a unique offer among modern gas stations of the country today. And we are proud of it!

    The ice U line is available in three formats:
    ice DRIFT ice cream with vanilla flavor in a crispy waffle cone
    ice DRIVE ice cream with a choice of fillings (caramel, chocolate, strawberry, mango-and-passion fruit)
    ice TURBO ice cream with a filling of your choice (caramel, chocolate, strawberry, mango-and-passion fruit), topped with caramelized peanuts.

    Everyone will find their perfect combination of flavors and textures. But no matter how long we tell you about the pleasure that our cool dessert gives on a hot day, you know it’s better to try it once and we are sure you will love it forever.

    “The service at our gas stations is intended for a comfortable stay of the whole family. Here you can fill up your car with high-quality fuel, have a delicious lunch, grab a coffee to go, and now you can also taste ice cream. We are sure that everyone will like ice U because there is so much from childhood in it. Creating positive moments for customers makes us feel happier,” says our marketing director, Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    ice U ice cream is another great reason to visit the UPG gas station.

    See you at VIVO café!