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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    The year that changed everything is coming to an end. It has changed the course of history, the usual order of things, and each of us. This is the year in which every day is February, and courage and heroism are not empty words, but deeds that happen in front of our eyes. The year when in the words “how are you?” we have the sincerest prayer.

    In these dark times, Ukrainians became the light not only to each other, but also to the world, which, by watching us, started believing: when people stand united for their freedom and justice, evil is powerless.

    We were together in the difficult 2022! We were fighting and supporting, warming, and helping. Realizing that our gas stations are objects of critical infrastructure, and a lot of things depend on their smooth operation, we have not stopped for a single moment. We continue to work to ensure that the tank of your car is always filled with high-quality fuel, and the service received at UPG adds confidence that everything will be fine.

    May these bright holidays strengthen our faith and fill us with new energy!

    We wish comfort, peace and new hopes come to homes of all Ukrainians together with the Christmas star. And we wish our country victorious peace!