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Ordering a card

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    Need cash? Withdraw it from the card at the UPG cash desk!


    In the modern world, more and more people prefer paying with bank cards, because it is fast and convenient. However, there are often situations when you cannot do without cash. Looking for the nearest ATM on the road can become a real quest. So, come to UPG and we will help you. Cash withdrawal service at gas station checkouts is now available.

    You can withdraw up to UAH 6,000 per one transaction. The maximum amount per day is up to UAH 100,000.

    How does it work? Buy fuel or other goods from us for any amount and tell the cashier the magic words: “I would like to withdraw some cash.” Specify the amount you need. This way you will pay for the purchase and receive paper money. In confirmation of both transactions, you will be issued the corresponding receipts.

    This service is available for our clients with any bank card.

    You can easily build the route to the nearest gas station of the chain using the UPG mobile app or the Telegram chatbot called AЗК UPG bot. You can also get current information on the gas stations operation by reaching our hotline: 0 800 5000 64.

    UPG is always near!