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    OLEXANDRA VITALIYIVNA FOMINA, born 15.10.2016, from the village of Zhubrovychi,Olevsk district, Zhytomyr oblast.
    Diagnosis: Bilateral sensory deafness of the ІІІ degree.
    We transferred UAH 50 312,00.
    The girl’s parents applied for help to people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Areshonkov and at his request we have purchased such necessary deaf-aid. The girl’s family has a very difficult situation. Sasha’s elder brother Danilka (3 years old) was also born with hearing defects. The charitable organization UFOND helped the family raise funds for cochlear implantation, which was carried out in July 2017 in Turkey. Now parents regularly bring the boy to the capital city for rehabilitation classes, which also requires a lot of money. Alexandra is already on the waiting list for the same operation, but in order to develop properly, she definitely needs hearing aids.