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    Our Chain Supported the Opening of The Alley of Heroes in the City of Stryi


    Unfortunately, heroes die. This is the terrible price we pay every day for our freedom. It is extremely important to honour the memory of the feat of every defender who gave their life for Ukraine. We supported the creation of The Alley of Heroes in the city of Stryi, Lviv region, where the first state-of-the-art UPG gas station was recently opened.

    The metal structures at the entrance to the Alley are a trident with the image of a warrior, and the word “Дякую” (Ukr. “Thank you”), made after sketches by Mykyta Titov, a famous Ukrainian artist. The artist’s idea was implemented by students and masters of production training of the Stryi Higher Art Professional School.

    In our turn, we facilitated the opening of the memorial, symbolizing the freedom of the Ukrainian people and honoring the memory of those who fought for it. We have one country and one path — to be strong and united, remembering everyone.