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    Our dear customers, all those who live with Ukraine in their hearts!


    We celebrate the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence without stopping the struggle for our nationhood. The war continues. For the 182nd day in a row we stay united, and we stand for our own: home and family, land, and country. These are the most precious things we have, our meaning and our roots. And that is why we will definitely win!

    Today, everyone is firmly holding their front. From the first day of the war, the All-Ukrainian gas station chain UPG has also been looking into the face of the enemy. Realizing that our gas stations are objects of critical infrastructure and functioning of many spheres of the economy depends on their efficient operation, and more importantly even human lives, we continue to work. In the shortest possible term, the company arranged uninterrupted supplies of high-quality fuel from European partners, we refused from sales limits and were among the first to restore the loyalty program for customers. An extremely important branch of the economy works and will continue to work – and we will do our best for this. We admire the courage of our people and thank them for their bravery!

    Yes, we, Ukrainians, are strong in spirit, wise and brave. In the heart of each of us there is so much will, which, like a sprout, always reaches for the light, defeating the darkness. No, it is impossible to defeat the nation that has already been established and is united in its struggle. We are sure that this lesson will certainly be learned by the enemy who does not know history.

    Happy Independence Day, free people! Our Ukraine will live!