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    Season’s Greetings to Everyone who Celebrates Christmas on December 25


    Ukrainian Christmas has age-old traditions. This is a family holiday, which gathers the dearest at the table every year. In these difficult days, united in the fight against undisguised evil, helping and supporting each other, we realize that together we are a Family. One big, strong family, where brother stands firm for brother, where we stand as a united front for the country, its freedom and independence, where every centimeter of land is sacred, and the sunrise is the most precious thing.

    Christmas is a time of great hope and light that conquers the darkness. And although we celebrate this holiday by candlelight, with thoughts and hearts with those who defend the country, our faith is unshakable. We know that the light, the fire of sincerity, and the sparkle of hope live in each of us.

    So, we will stand strong because the truth and God are with us.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas!

    We wish every family well-being, good health, happiness, and victorious peace.