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    The new upgDIESEL is already on sale at all gas stations of the chain


    We are launching a new product that has been eagerly anticipated by Ukrainian drivers. The fuel has improved properties thanks to the detergent component in it. So upgDIESEL cleans and protects the fuel system of the car and has a positive effect on the engine operation, maintaining it in the best condition.
    This type of our fuel is also manufactured in the USA. We know that you have already highly evaluated and enjoyed the advantages of high-quality oil products, which we import uninterruptedly directly from the USA, using our own logistics resources. High cetane number and ultra-low sulfur content remain some of the main advantages. It is important that these indicators are achieved exclusively by means of high-tech production.

    So, what is significant about upgDIESEL?

    • cleans/protects the fuel system
    • restores and maintains engine life
    • reduces the risk of breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance
    • allows you to save due to lower consumption

    And all together this ensures your comfort and confidence on the road!

    Of course, our branded diesel also complies with all Ukrainian DSTU standards as well as the Euro-5 environmental standard.

    “From now on, branded diesel is also presented on the price panels of our stations. We are sure that Ukrainian drivers who have been waiting for this fuel for a long time, will be happy to hear this news. Today, the UPG fuel portfolio by 100% consists of the best products existing on the world market. We have achieved sustainable quality, which we are very proud of, because nothing encourages our team as much as the opportunity to offer you the best,” comments Acting Marketing Director Kateryna Drobilko.

    The new upgDIESEL is already on sale at gas stations of the chain.

    UPG — quality without compromise!