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    The UPG gas station chain has restored bonus accrual and writing off


    On July 26th, we fully restored the UPGgood loyalty program as it used to be before the full-scale invasion.

    We value each of our customers, and customers love us for the quality of fuel and always reasonable prices. Thus, within a short period of time, the company established stable fuel supplies from Europe, so now we can thank our customers for choosing and trusting UPG.

    You can accumulate bonuses as follows:  

    • up to 40 kopecks in bonuses for each liter of any fuel 
    • 2% of the amount of purchases in VIVO café and goods in the store

    Bonuses are credited to the card instantly after each purchase. All previously accrued bonuses are active. The more purchases you make, the more money is returned in bonuses. You can spend bonuses on the next purchase of fuel or any goods in the gas station chain and save significantly.

    There are no limits on the amount of bonus withdrawals or number of transactions per day.

    Becoming a member of the UPGgood bonus program is simple — all you need is to install the UPG application by downloading it from the Play Market or AppStore. There are no limits on any type of fuel in the chain for the app users.

    We work with 💚 for you and your wheels