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    The UPG Gas Station Chain Operates in the Economical Electricity Consumption Mode


    The energy system of Ukraine is constantly in the enemy’s gun sight, suffering from massive attacks. UPG has supported the government’s call for cost-effective consumption of electricity in a difficult time for the country and Ukrainians. At all stations of the national gas station chain, electricity consumption has been minimized to the level sufficient for the uninterrupted functioning of the facilities.

    Saving electricity, especially during peak hours from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m., will allow energy companies to stabilize the situation faster and restore the capacity of the country’s energy infrastructure.

    In addition, realizing that the UPG gas stations are critical infrastructure facilities, the company has already prepared itself for a difficult winter in the full-scale war conditions. Today, gas stations of the chain are equipped with diesel generators, which will become an alternative source of electricity during rotating power cuts.

    UPG does its best to ensure that even at this difficult time the fuel tanks of Ukrainian motorists and drivers of special vehicles are always full, the coffee is tasty and hot, and the faith in victory is extremely strong!