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    The UPG Gas Station Has Opened in Khmelnytskyi!


    During the war, our gas stations for customers are not only a place where one can fill up with high-quality fuel at a fair price, but also a facility that covers many other important needs. At VIVO café, we treat you with delicious breakfasts and lunches, warm you with a cup of fragrant espresso, charge your gadgets so that your relatives can hear the precious: “I’m fine”, and even more – for a moment we become a real co-working space. At this difficult time, we are together with every Ukrainian, because together we are stronger!

    From now on, all the conveniences of a modern gas station are available to the residents of Khmelnytskyi. UPG has opened its first station in the city on Prybuzka Street. This is a large-scale facility with a spacious parking lot, designed for 14 cars, and service thought out to the last detail. A sufficient number of fuel dispensers allowing to refuel quickly and without queues, attract the attention of drivers from afar. The new station is easily recognizable by the typical design, in which black color and shades of green, as well as neon elements prevail.

    “Opening of a new gas station in wartime is not only about the courage to move forward. It is extremely important for us that, like in peacetime, as many Ukrainian drivers as possible can refuel their cars with high-quality fuel at fair prices every day without any problems, as well as enjoy an excellent modern service. Now the residents of Khmelnytskyi have such an opportunity,” said the company’s marketing director, Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    During forced power outages, thanks to the operation of diesel generators, the station in Khmelnytskyi will work constantly. So, you will be able to fill the car tank without restrictions with all types of fuel, which we export directly from Europe. These are A-95, branded upg95, and high-octane upg100 gasolines, LPG, as well as frost-resistant winter EURO DIESEL and Arctic DIESEL.

    Since energy is needed not only for cars, we make sure that you can also refresh yourself before continuing your journey. On the menu of the VIVO cafe everyone will find something to their taste. We created it based on the principle of delicious home cooking, namely dishes that are familiar to everyone since childhood. It has been proven that our traditional red borscht, varenyky with cracknels and sour cream, or the constant hit – burgers, which we have as many as 7 types, not only radically change the mood, but also charge for victory.

    The cafe will gladly offer you seasonal novelties. On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, these are the most popular dishes on the table of every housewife: Ukrainian meat jelly and traditional Olivier salad.

    Staying at UPG is convenient for all family members. We also took care of the kids, having installed a children’s wash basin in the bathroom, and interactive corners for entertainment in the hall of the gas station.

    Realizing that the successful activity of many spheres depends on the smooth operation of gas stations today, we continue to work, supporting the economy of the country and each other. We are sure that nothing is impossible for us, Ukrainians, because we are strong when we are united, and therefore invincible.