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    To Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Company, UPG Handed Over 20 New Pickups to the Armed Forces of Ukraine


    Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, the national gas station chain UPG has been strengthening the defense of the country and helping local communities which seriously suffered from hostilities or occupation. In general, during this difficult year, the company allocated over UAH 150,000,000 to the needs of the army and the civilian population.

    20 new Mitsubishi L200 off-road vehicles is another part of aid to the Armed Forces, which we symbolically dedicated to the 20th anniversary of UPG. Our defenders are in constant need of cars during the war. They help the guys remain mobile while performing special combat tasks, delivering the necessary cargo, evacuating the wounded.
    According to the soldiers from the joint assault brigade called “Lyut’”, the vehicles received by them will be used by combat units directly on the front line.

    During the large-scale war, UPG has already sent 75 cars of this very model and configuration to the front. We have also provided the defenders with more than 650,000 liters of fuel.
    For 20 years, UPG has been giving love and care to its customers. But today, living in the country that is fighting for its right to exist, we do not feel like celebrating. All we feel is gratitude to all those who defend our country, and rage against our common enemy. That is why we continue to work, protecting the economic front and strengthening the Armed Forces, because the only gift for us is the victory of Ukraine and returning home of all the defenders alive and unharmed as soon as possible.

    The UPG gas station chains treats all military and emergency service workers of Ukraine with free hot drinks. This is our fist pressed to the heart, our “thank you”, which cannot be expressed in words. Together to victory!