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    UPG Opened Its First Gas Station in Ternopil Region


    Good news for drivers of Ternopil region! A new super modern gas station UPG has been opened on the bypass road of the village of Velyki Hai (33 Ob’yizna street). In general, the chain has 74 stations in 18 regions of Ukraine and is rapidly developing.

    UPG fuel is supplied directly from the manufacturing plant and does not contain any additives or mixtures. This ensures its a standardized quality, and therefore explains the incredible popularity among car owners.

    The new UPG station is a large-scale location with its own shop built according to the duty free principle, and a Vivo Cafe in a new format. It has everything you need for a comfortable trip: from delicious coffee and healthy snacks to a tasty lunch from professional chefs. In the restaurant, you can both quickly tame your hunger by choosing dishes from the express menu, or have a leisurely tasty meal, giving your eyes a break from the stress of driving. The main principle of the restaurant is that all dishes here are freshly prepared, so they will certainly satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets.

    The gas station is convenient for the whole family, because the service is thought out so that even the smallest customers feel comfortable staying here.

    The new gas station is visible from afar thanks to its modern design. Black color dominates in the design, combined with neon illumination and the traditional green color of UPG. You won’t miss it, because the gas station is not only incredibly attractive and has a beautiful landscape design, but also quite large: the total area of the station is more than 5000 m2 with a parking for 15 cars, including places for disabled people and electric cars, as well as a terrace for relaxation.

    We have some more good news. You can refuel here as quickly as possible with all types of fuel: A-92, A-95, branded upg100, LPG, diesel. For this purpose, the gas station is equipped with 16 fuel dispensers: 10 for fuel and 6 for LPG

    Of course, there is no holiday without gifts! To celebrate the opening of a new station, from October 29 to November 11 we have a promotion for the members of the UPGgood bonus program.

    In particular, when buying more than 2 liters of fuel, each customer will receive additional bonuses to the UPGgood bonus card for the next refueling (1 bonus equals 1 kopeck, the promotion is not valid when buying fuel at and in the upg mobile application):

    • 50 bonuses for each liter of LPG;
    • 100 bonuses for each liter of petrol or diesel.

    In addition, the first 1100 customers, refueling a car with any type of fuel in any quantity at a new gas station, will automatically receive one of the guaranteed gifts: a delicious cheeseburger, a fragrant cup of Americano, windscreen washer, or upg branded air freshener.

    There are more gifts from UPG! There is no holiday without sweets, so when you buy any hot drink, you get a sweet compliment, that is the UPG signature candy. It tastes better together

    When refueling your car with high-quality fuel or enjoying a burger in Vivo Cafe, drivers can be sure that UPG takes care of the safety of both customers and employees of the company at all stages.

    All surfaces are regularly disinfected, and disinfectants are placed at the places of contact and stopping of visitors. UPG employees are provided with personal protective equipment.