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    We Have Opened the First UPG Gas Station in Lutsk – the Biggest One in the City!


    From now on, high-quality fuel and the benefits of a comprehensive service are available to residents of Lutsk. We have opened the first state-of-the-art gas station in this city, which generally became the sixth in the region.

    The newly built facility was put into operation on 21 Zakhystyvnykiv Ukrayiny Street. It is located not far from Kivertsi bridge, providing a convenient exit to the bypass highway. Today it is the largest gas station in Lutsk in terms of area, and the only one having a restaurant with its own kitchen. Therefore, at the gas station you can not only fill up your car with high-quality fuel from Europe, America, or the Middle East, but also have a hearty and delicious lunch and relax with a cup of coffee.

    The VIVO café menu offers a wide selection of freshly prepared signature dishes. For those in a hurry, there are many interesting and tasty offers. For example, juicy burgers are top customer favorites. And this is predictable, because we make the juicy patty for this dish ourselves from selected meat which by 80% consists of high-quality beef. Choosing a hot dog, you will also be very satisfied, as we prepare them with the highest quality sausage, which is a unique offer on the market.

    “Today, our gas station in Lutsk is the only one where you not only can have a quick snack, but also enjoy a leisurely breakfast, try signature hot dishes prepared with great love and care. You can choose a fresh salad prepared to your order, hot soup, or treat yourself to something sweet like a loved from childhood “Napoleon” cake or our own ice U ice cream”, says marketing director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukian.

    Here you can refuel without waiting too long. The gas station is equipped with 10 fuel dispensers, which have the A-95, LPG, upg100 and upg95 specially for owners of powerful and modern cars, as well as winter EURO DIESEL, which can withstand up to -21°C. For the drivers’ convenience, there are 8 fuel guns for filling with LPG, 4 of which are installed on the separately located LPG dispenser.

    A spacious and comfortable parking lot for more than 30 cars is another advantage of this gas station. There is also a store of related goods, which has everything you might need during a trip.
    By opening a new gas station in Lutsk, we created 50 new jobs with social guarantees and comfortable working conditions. And we do not plan to stop.

    Gifts for Customers!

    To celebrate the opening of the gas station, we offer additional benefits for refueling for drivers participating in the UPGgood bonus program. Visitors will receive a discount in bonus points: UAH 1 for each liter of petrol or diesel, and 50 kopecks for each liter LPG. You can also win instant gifts: ice U ice cream, hot drinks, burgers, and many more. And to make your good mood last longer, we will treat you to a delicious upg signature candy for each hot drink.