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    A unique offer on the market – we refuel with high-quality diesel from Kuwait


    From now on, you can refuel at our gas stations with fuel of not only European and American origin. We developed a new direction and were the first among Ukrainian companies to supply Euro-5 standard diesel from the Middle East to the domestic market.

    This is our unique experience and yet another small victory for the whole team, which strives to ensure that Ukrainians refuel with the best quality fuel every day despite anything.

    A product with immaculate technical features produced by Mina Abdullah Refinery, an oil refinery located in Kuwait, is already on sale at each of our gas stations.

    According to the test laboratory report, the cetane number, namely one of the most important indicators, is 52 units. The flash index in a closed crucible is 80,5°C, whereas a norm is 55°C. In addition, the diesel contains an ultra-low percentage of sulfur which is less than 3 ppm with a permissible norm of 10 ppm. The content of other components is also minimal.

    It is important that refueling with high-quality fuel allows you not only to protect the fuel system of your car and take care of the environment, but also save money significantly by means of reduced fuel consumption.

    To make sure you can refuel with the fuel from the Kuwaiti manufacturer today, we have delivered it to each gas station using our own fuel trucks from the terminal purchased in Europe. Our own logistics allows us to ensure uninterrupted supply of petroleum products and makes us completely independent from both internal and external factors.

    Furthermore, cost optimization has a positive impact on pricing, allowing the numbers on the price boards of our gas stations remain among the lowest ones on the market.

    To make sure of the immaculate diesel quality characteristics, you can look at the fuel passport available at each gas station. Our operators will gladly help you with this.

    Thank you for choosing UPG!