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    Reach the Maximum Discount From UPG


    Want the maximum discount from UPG? Hurry up! Refuel and get bonuses up to 3 hryvnias per liter for any fuel!

    How to get the maximum discount?

    1. Refuel your car with minimum 25 liters of any fuel. Congratulations – you are on the 1st level with a discount on petrol or diesel fuel – 0.50 UAH / l and LPG – 0.40 UAH / l;
    2. Refuel your car with minimum 25 liters within the next 10 days to get to the next level;
    3. Do not wait! Refuel at least every 10 days and go up to VI – the maximum level of discount.

    Six levels of discount from UPG

    • Level I – petrol or diesel fuel – 0.50 UAH / l; LPG 0.40 UAH / l;
    • Level II – petrol or diesel fuel – 0.6 UAH / l; LPG 0.50 UAH / l;
    • Level III – petrol or diesel fuel – 0.75 UAH / l; LPG 0.55 UAH /
    • Level IV – petrol or diesel fuel – UAH 1 / l; LPG 0.60 UAH / l;
    • Level V – petrol or diesel fuel – 1.50 UAH / l; LPG 0.70 UAH / l;
    • Level VI – petrol or diesel fuel – 3 UAH / l; LPG 0.75 UAH / l.

    If you do not refuel within 10 days, you return to level I.

    Every registered owner of the UPGgood bonus card can use the reward.

    The promotion lasts from February 15 to April 15, 2021. Follow the link for details.

    Still got no UPGgood card?

    Register in the UPGgood loyalty program and buy fuel online at
    Download the upg app from App Store and Google Play Market.
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