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    Comfort and taste for everyone: introducing a menu for children at the VIVO café!


    It’s so great when you visit us with the whole family, so we always make sure that everyone, including our youngest customers, feels comfortable at our gas stations. For this purpose, we equipped the toilets at our gas stations with children’s wash basins placed at the correct level from the floor, put baby chairs for feeding in the halls of VIVO café so that parents can rest in comfort a little while, and installed toddler busy boards that help amuse the children and develop fine motor skills.

    No matter what, we really want Ukrainian children to have a happy childhood. This is what we said while creating our own ice U ice cream. And we repeat the same words again introducing the children’s menu at the VIVO café.

    Drive by for a delicious and hearty dinner with the whole family! The updated restaurant menu includes dishes created specifically for children, considering their tastes and interests. Each meal of the right size and filling.
    The bright box includes:

    • kids cheeseburger with a juicy beef patty or kids nuggets made from tender chicken to choose from
    • crispy French fries
    • favorite juice
    • a surprise toy for incredible emotions

    “Thinking about the dishes for the youngest visitors, we, of course, aimed at making them tasty and filling above all. But our idea was also to turn an ordinary children’s lunch into an interesting and exciting story. That is why our boxes are so bright and filled with meals that all kids adore. The toy complements this set perfectly, because it is always about a smile,” said marketing director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    We are sure that every “Very Adult Box” will become a tasty and exciting adventure that will turn your visit with children to UPG into a small holiday.

    See you at the VIVO café!