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    Congratulations to the First Winners!


    The first out of 20 Starlink satellite modems, which we are giving away in frames of the national promotion that started in March, have already found their owners. Do not miss your chance to become the owner of a new car from UPG. Try your luck, maybe the Volkswagen T-Roc is waiting just for you.

    All members of the UPGgood bonus program can participate in the promotion. Refuel with minimum 25 liters of any fuel at our gas stations and collect letters in the fuel receipts to make words from them. Each refueling is a separate letter in the receipt that falls out randomly.

    Do you want to win Starlink to have unhindered access to the Internet wherever you are? Collect the strongest words of the country – “СЛАВА ЗСУ” out of letters. Collect the word “АВТО” and grab your chance to become the owner of a brand-new crossover.

    The promotion lasts until June 25. The first winners have already shared their emotions and stories of winning with us.

     “I have been a customer of UPG for many years. I refuel here almost every day, so it’s not the first time that I participate in prize drawings. This time, I am going to donate my prize, Starlink, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because I realize how badly the boys need means of communication. I keep collecting letters in receipts to have a chance to get behind a wheel of a brand-new crossover. I’m sure fortune smiles upon those who believe in themselves,” Yuriy said.

    Another regular customer of our chain, Oleksandr, admitted that although he had been collecting letters after each refueling, winning such a valuable prize was a real surprise for him which brough lots of positive emotions. He is going to use his Starlink to develop his own business and support the country’s economy.

    Andriy, who has also already received his Starlink, shares that he has been collecting letters in receipts for over three months, and he is going to do it even more intensively, because winning a car is a real story.

    As part of the national promotion, we have prepared more than 10,000 instant gifts for you, because we know how important positive emotions are today, and how one sincere smile can warm one’s heart.

    Good luck to everyone who joined the promotion. We wish the Ukrainians both small and significant victories.

    See you at UPG!