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    Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!


    August 24 has always been an important day for everyone, but it has never been as deeply realized as it is now. This year and a half of the fiercest struggle convinced us that our independence depends only on us, because even when the high and the mighty lost faith in Ukraine, we kept believing in each other. And not only did we withstand, but also saved the country!

    Thank you for choosing UPG!

    Despite anything, every day we continue to work, build, and open new stations, fill your cars with high-quality fuel from Europe, America, and the Middle East.

    By creating a reliable rear, we support the heroes on the front line, and help the civilians who have suffered from the war. Being united, we will rebuild what was burned and destroyed by the enemy, return what was stolen, and defend the future. We are sure that this is the only way we will get everything we believe in!

    Our hearts are burning today. In our hearts we have pain from losses, but also pride and gratitude to the heroes, because behind every heroic feat there are people, our people. Those who at this very moment continue to fight for our Independence. Yes, we are the generation destined to put an end to this age-old struggle, so that no one ever doubts again that we are an established nation. We are free people of a free country. We are Ukrainians!