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    Dear Clients!


    Happy St. Nicholas Day! This is the first time we celebrate it according to the Gregorian Style. It is symbolic that this religious holiday coincided with a very important national day – the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, both holidays are about love, which gives meaning to everything, about faith in miracles and kindness, which fights for life to go on.

    Believe it or not, St. Nicholas has always been considered the patron saint not only of children all over the world, but also of the military. May he bless everyone who protects the children’s peace, our land, and the sky above us.

    On the eve of the holiday, millions of little Ukrainians wrote their letters to the Saint. We are sure that most of them have the same dream as adults do: the joy of victory, the warmth and coziness of their own home, the loving embrace of their parents who are close by. May every Ukrainian child be safe, and our wishes, which sound in unison today, will certainly be heard.

    Come to UPG for a candy from St. Nicholas!

    Despite anything, we really want everyone to preserve the feeling of the holiday, which always comes from the childhood, so that there will be more smiles on this day.

    On December 6, we are treating visitors of our gas station chain with a signature upg candy for every purchased hot drink.

    Also we are convinced that gratitude can have different forms, and even small gifts can become very timely and pleasant. Therefore, everyone who serves in the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense, National Police and National Guard, State Emergency Services will be treated with a free hot drink and our delicious candy.

    May our faith be strong, and may kindness come to every home!